Baby Bath Sponges for Newborns – Baby Cradle Cap Brush – Cradle Cap Comb for Babies (Pack of 5)


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Brand: Xforto

Color: Blue, Green, White


  • Baby bath sponge & cradle cap brush for babies eliminate up to 100% of cradle cap, flaky and dry skin without damaging or irritating the gentle skin of a newborn.
  • Baby’s Scalp: Use the soft bath sponge for kids or the gentle bristle brush to massage your baby’s head and create a healthy scalp.
  • Infant and Child Safe: baby sponge & baby bath brush are nontoxic, BPA-free and latex-free which makes them suitable and safe for all skin types, and all ages.
  • Cradle cap treatment for babies Includes: 3 cradle cap bristle brushes, and 2 high-grade silicone combs.
  • Clean and Sterile: The soft bristle brushes are sterile and ready for use. The soft baby combs for cradle cap are made from food-grade silicone.

Package Dimensions: 59x121x77

Details: Sunny’s “Head Shoulders Knees and Toes” is the perfect way to keep your little ones cleaner and healthier. Soft foam and extra soft bristles are ideal for the sensitive skin of a newborn and essential for reducing cradle cap, eczema, dry and flaky skin.

“Perfect middle”: Soft touch – High Efficiency. Removes up to 100 % of the flaky, dry skin, cradle cap and dirt without damaging or irritating the skin. Soothing, relaxing touch of our brush will feel amazing on the sensitive skin of your baby.

Item Specifics:
* 5 Pack (3+2)
* Ultra soft
* Recommended for sensitive skin
* Flexible cradle cap bristles
* Non-toxic, children safe
* High quality
* Sterile
* Disposable (can be reused 2-3 times if sterilized)
* Sensory Feel
* Satisfaction Guaranteed
Sunny’s “Head Shoulders Knees and Toes” is the smartest choice to keep your children clean, healthy and happy

UPC: 604348880937

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